Saturday, May 8, 2021

Attend a Financial Planning Academy

NOHS has received information from UGA and wanted to pass it along in case you were interested.  Sounds like a great opportunity to learn more about personal finance!  

The Financial Planning Academy will be hosted virtually at UGA. It is in partnership with Texas Tech University which houses the website and registration. See attached flier to register. 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Cameron Impact Scholarship

 Just a brief reminder for the high school graduating Class of 2022 - that the May 21st Early Deadline for the 4-year, full-tuition, merit-based Cameron Impact Scholarship is a couple weeks away.

At that time we require:
- Online Application; 
- 2 Recommendations; and
- Copy of the high school transcript.  

To be eligible, an applicant must be from the high school graduating Class of 2022, be a US Citizen, and have  an unweighted  GPA of a 3.7 or higher.  

Benefits of applying in the early round rather than the final deadline in September:
- We limit the number of applications to 3,000, so if we reach that limit prior to the September deadline, the applications will be closed - we guarantee any early applicants will be reviewed; 
- We award 100 Finalist Interviews, and these are selected in the Early Round first, so only the remaining interview slots are allocated to the Regular Round (thus odds of receiving an interview are higher for early applicants than regular); and 

ABAC Is Accepting Applications for the Class of 2022

Message from ABAC:

 I wanted to send a brief email to let you know that Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College opened its Fall 2022 application for admission on May 1.  Please note the following:


  • If you have a rising senior who might be interested in ABAC, the application for admission fee will be waived the month of May;
  • Transcripts will not need to be sent to us until after this school year is over;
  • We will start awarding scholarships in July.  With over $300,000 in funds earmarked for Fall 2022 freshmen, we are committed to providing an excellent and affordable education;
  • Campus visits are ongoing and can be scheduled at our website.


Thank you for all you do!  Please let me know if you have any questions.





Dr. Michael Kirkland
VP for Enrollment Management

229.243.6075 (Office) | 800.733.3653 |

2802 Moore Hwy. Tifton, GA 31793 / 2500 E. Shotwell St. Bainbridge, GA 39819

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Texas Roadhouse hiring high school students

 Texas Roadhouse- check out the flyer for more details.

Scholarship for the Class of 2022: PEO Scholarship Information

 The purpose of this email is to share information regarding two scholarship opportunities for an exceptional high school senior woman students of the Class of 2022, who are planning to attend an accredited post-secondary educational institution in the US or Canada beginning in Fall 2022.  These scholarships are available through an organization called P.E.O. which is an international philanthropic sisterhood that promotes educational opportunities for women.  P.E.O. is making a difference in the lives of women all over the world with more than 113,000 women benefiting from our organization's educational grants, loans, awards, and special projects.  

As members of Chapter BK of P.E.O. in Athens, we are reaching out to ask if you would identify an outstanding senior woman candidate that we might interview as a potential candidate for these scholarships.  The first scholarship is called the P.E.O. Star Scholarship (STAR) is for $2500 and is open to qualified women from the US and Canada.  The eligibility requirements you should consider in recommending a  candidate for STAR are:

  • Exhibits excellence in leadership, academics, extracurricular activities, community service and potential for future success
  • Has a minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Is in the final academic year (senior year) of her secondary education and is 20 years of age or under at the end of the calendar year
  • Is a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States or Canada
  • Plans to attend an accredited postsecondary educational institution in the United States or Canada, full-time or part-time, in the fall of the academic year following high school graduation
  • Is recommended by and receives the vote of a local P.E.O. chapter

The attached document describes the scholarship, eligibility requirements, and application process for STAR.  More details about P.E.O. and STAR can be found at: (look under: About P.E.O. and P.E.O. Projects). The student that you recommend will first be interviewed by a committee of women from our local P.E.O. chapter.  Our chapter is only allowed to nominate one woman per year for this scholarship, so we may interview more than one candidate during the selection process.  Then upon approval by our chapter, we will submit a letter of  recommendation for the candidate which is due between August 15 and October 15.  The candidate is then given an additional 30 calendar days to complete the online application.  

The second scholarship is called the Georgia P.E.O. Scholarship which is open to residents of Georgia.  The eligibility requirements are similar to those of STAR except the GPA requirement is increased to 3.25, financial need is a consideration, and the deadline for application for both the student and the chapter portion of the application is November 30.  The award amount for this scholarship varies based on financial need from $1000 up to $2,500.  We have attached a document providing more detailed information on the Georgia P.E.O. Scholarship.  Our chapter may nominate more than one woman per year for this scholarship, and we may also elect to nominate the same woman for both scholarships if all necessary criteria are met. 

We are here to answer any questions you might have regarding the P.E.O. STAR and Georgia Scholarships.  We will also be assisting the successful candidate as she moves through the scholarship application process.  As mentioned, time is of the essence in our being able to nominate a worthy candidate this year.  If you have a possible candidate in mind, please provide them with the attached information, and ask them to complete and submit the attached "Candidate Information for P.E.O. STAR and P.E.O. Georgia Scholarships" form.  These should be emailed to us at the address listed below by no later than Friday, August 20th.  

Thank you so much for your time,

Valerie Hinesley -, Projects Coordinator

Candidate Information for the PEO Scholarship

PEO Star and Georgia Scholarships Additional Information

Virginia Tech is hosting a Second summer of "Un-Camp for Ages 11-15ish


Dear friends, teachers, counselors, and parents/guardians of middle school students,

This summer the College of Science at Virginia Tech is hosting a second summer of "Un-Camp," a series of one-hour “camps” on Zoom where Virginia Tech scientists will lead campers through activities that explore fascinating science concepts. We will even mail you most of the supplies! 


Un-Camp is free of charge, but space is limited so please only sign up for the camps your child will definitely attend. You can sign up for one or as many as you like.

Click here for more info and to register!


Please forward Un-camp information to all of your interested friends, students, parents, and teachers!


Feel free to reach out to Vicki Corbin with any questions!

All my best,
Victoria Corbin
Asst. Dean of Outreach and Student Engagement,
College of Science/Asso. Professor, Biological Sciences
Virginia Tech 
300 Turner St., NW, Suite 4300
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Will You Be A First-Generation College Student?

Will you be a first-generation college student? Our office just got an invitation to a special program hosted by Salve Regina University geared specifically for first generation college bound students.  

Breaking Barriers: A Toolkit for First-Generation Students
7 p.m. Thursday, May 20

Going to college is a monumental accomplishment for any incoming freshman, but for some students, this isn’t just a personal achievement - it’s a milestone for everyone in their family. First-generation college students can be a source of pride for a family, but being the first to pursue a college degree can also present unique challenges - namely, that they cannot benefit from their parents’ college experience. This workshop will explore what it means to be a first-generation student, discuss obstacles you may face, and offer tips and strategies on how to face them head-on.

Register Now