Friday, March 22, 2019

University of Chicago: Empower Initiative

In the spirit of the Empower Initiative, the University of Chicago is proud to announce an exciting new opportunity that allows select high school students from rural and small town high schools to take advantage of two fully-funded summer programs during our Summer Session. Each program gives students the chance to explore a college atmosphere, develop their leadership skills, and spend time on UChicago’s campus.

The two fully-funded opportunities are:

Emerging Rural Leaders I for Freshmen: This week-long program takes place the summer between a student’s freshman and sophomore years of high school. During this program, students interested in developing their leadership skills will take part in faculty-led programming exploring different academic disciplines and opportunities across campus. Students will discuss what it means to be a leader in their communities, engage with UChicago professors and students, as well as participate in fun group activities around the city of Chicago.

Emerging Rural Leaders II for Juniors: This three-week program takes place the summer between a student’s junior and senior years of high school. Selected students will gain exposure to a subject closely related to their academic area of excellence by taking a Summer Session Pathways or Immersion class of their choosing. During the three weeks, students will also have the chance to explore the city of Chicago, meet new friends from around the world, and participate in programming to help them navigate the college application process.

Oglethorpe College @ NOHS

Name of College:      Oglethorpe College                      Date of NOHS visit: 3-7-19
Written By:  Harrison Montevideo
Oglethorpe College is a small campus that educates an estimated 1300 students. The school has many student organizations ranging from Greek and Religious life to community service, etc. They also encourage students to make their own organization if they do not feel one of the current student organizations does not fit them. They encourage this by making the process of creating an official organization easy and efficient. Their campus is an hour from Oconee County, so North Oconee students can still feel close to home, yet with enough distance to feel like they have gone “off” to college.  Students can schedule a private tour of the Oglethorpe campus or attend an open house. For more info students can refer to the Oglethorpe website.
Oglethorpe College has a holistic review process meaning they look at more than just your test scores, gpa, and course rigor. There is no deadline to enroll so students have a longer time to make a decisions, although Oglethorpe does not recommend enrolling last minute. Oglethorpe takes your socioeconomic background into consideration as well as test scores, essays, etc. The average GPA ranged from a 3.4 to a 3.9, although students with a 3.0 can be considered for admissions. The minimum ACT score is a 22 and an 1100 for the SAT. Oglethorpe does not require recommendation letters, however it is suggested for students to include one to three letters to have an edge at being accepted. Oglethorpe requires one essay that can be about anything students would like it to be about as long as it is helps Oglethorpe gain a better perspective of who they are as a student.
Oglethorpe has a unique way of approaching scholarships that may pique the interest of certain students. All students that get accepted to Oglethorpe College are immediately entered for all scholarships that Oglethorpe has to offer.
*****While Oglethorpe is a private college they match the Hope and Zell Miller scholarships for students who would be eligible at a public university. Students who qualify can partake in a special program where your tuition will be the same as UGA’s if students qualify.
Oglethorpe College offers over sixty pathways including majors, minors and pre-professionals tracks. Oglethorpe is particularly proud of their business college which recently received a $50 million dollar grant to build a new state of the art facility. The most popular major at Oglethorpe is Biology. They have recently built a new facility and have implemented new research opportunities. Along with Business and Biology, Oglethorpe College offers an interesting pathway for students who want to go into the education field. Oglethorpe partners with Mercer to provide students with a shorter way to receive a Master’s in Education. Students will spend three years at Oglethorpe getting their core classes and Pre-Educational Studies. Students will then spend one year at Mercer getting their Master’s in Education. This program cuts down on the time it takes to receive a Master’s in Education and is more cost efficient.
Oglethorpe College offers unique and exciting opportunities for students in and out of the classroom. Oglethorpe partners with some of the best business and companies in Atlanta to provide students with beneficial internships at some of America’s top companies. Some of these companies include, but are not limited to: Coca-Cola, Disney, Porsche of North America, The CDC, Emory Healthcare, and much more. Oglethorpe also partners with International Universities to provide students with a no cost study abroad program in three major European cities: London, Barcelona, and Rome.
Some quick facts and helpful info for students is provided below:
  • Without scholarships total cost is $ 52,230 a year
  • Over 80% qualify for scholarships
  • Three levels of merit scholarships ranging from $19,000 to $22,000 dollars
  • Top 20 Best Value Schools in the nation as voted by Forbes magazine
  • 1300 students enrollment from 38 different countries
  • Class sizes range from 17-25 and are all taught by faculty
  • Division III athletics; no athletic scholarships
  • 16 varsity sports and 8 intramural teams
  • 23% of students participate in Greek life
  • 41% male and 59% female

Gordon State @ NOHS

Name of College:  Gordon State                  Date of NOHS visit: 3-5-19
Written By:  Harrison Montevideo

Gordon State was founded in 1852 and is located in Barnesville, Georgia. Satellite campus locations can be found in McDonough and Griffin, Georgia.

Gordon State has around 1,000 students that reside on campus, making them one of the smallest schools in the state. They have over 40 clubs for students to get involved in campus and the local community.  They also have many other student life activities including a vibrant Greek life program.
Gordon State does not have a holistic review process. High school GPA, test scores, and a completed online application is all that they require for admissions. Test score requirements can be found on their website here:

Gordon State’s main scholarship is the “Foundation for your Future” which is a competitive academic based scholarship where students can get anywhere from $300-$3,000 dollars in scholarships. A list of all the possible scholarships at Gordon State can be found here on their website:

Gordon State offers 10 four year degree programs and 3 associate level programs for students to take advantage of.
They have three Schools:
  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Arts and Sciences

Each of those schools have their own pathways for students to specify their education. More information can be found on their academic information page on their website:
Gordon State has many unique opportunities for students. They have 8 unique study abroad programs that each cost $2,000 dollars. They also offer many research opportunities.
Gordon State offers three unique ways to visit their campus. You can go to one of their open house visits which they have five times a year. If you would like a more personal experience. You can schedule a private tour with their admissions department. Lastly you can also take a virtual tour if you cannot make it to the campus. More information can be found here on their visit page on their website:

                Some quick facts and helpful info for Gordon State are listed below!
  • Small private school feel with a public school cost and education
  • Good springboard program; you can get your associate's degree then move on to a larger university
  • Part of the University System of Georgia with 4,000 students enrolled on their campus.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Senior Celebration Day

We are looking forward to hosting our Second Annual Senior Celebration Day at NOHS in May!  We would like for our seniors to wear their College/Military/Career attire on May 1st.  Seniors - please make plans to have a shirt that denotes your plans by May 1st!

The signing backdrop will be in the commons for students to take their picture with a white board that allows them to say what they are majoring in, give a shout out to a parent/teacher, or parting words of encouragement.  Seniors are encouraged to take their picture in between classes, lunch, or at the beginning/end of the day.  

This day is tons of fun for the students, teachers, and administrative team at NOHS!  We love to celebrate our students and their accomplishments!  This is one of our favorite days of the year! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Taking Note: How Effective Is The Counseling Blog?

  In an effort to properly gauge how many people are reading the NOHS Counseling Blog, we would like for all of our followers to "click" the link on this post in your email and go to the counseling blog to read this announcement.  By clicking on the post and going to the blog from your email, it allows our office to have an accurate number of people reading the information that we are providing.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tutoring Options

As the end of the semester draws near, tutoring options are available.  The NOHS Beta Club offers free tutoring services for NOHS students.  Check out the link below to sign up for a Beta Club tutor!

Beta Club Tutor

Monday, March 18, 2019

Learn To Be A Shaper of Your Environment- Computer Science

Students will vary in their areas of interest and strength, however, computer science is the area that can bind them all.  As our world continues to become technologically driven, computer science will play a role in every aspect of our students future careers.  NOHS offers an array of computer based courses, including AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A.  

In a recent article by the New York Times, the perks of having a background in computer science were heavily evaluated.  The following quote stood out and prompted this post.  

"What is it that you’d like to do in the world? Music? Art? Science? Business? Great! Then come build an app in the furtherance of that interest and learn the principles of computer science, not just coding, Coleman said. “Learn to be a shaper of your environment, not just a victim of it.”

We want our student body to have the tools to do whatever they want in life.  Computer Science can play a key role in achieving that goal.  If your student enjoys math, foreign languages, problem solving, and technology- Computer Science might be a good fit for them!  Not sure that a computer science will fit in their schedule?  Keep following the blog for opportunities for your student to learn more about CS in a fun-filled environment like summer camps or hackathons.  These programs can provide great experiences for students to test the waters of coding/computer science without committing to a course.