Saturday, January 10, 2015

PSAT Results Are Going Home on Tuesday

The 9th and 10th grade students and juniors who registered and took the PSAT will get their results back on Tuesday during Titan Time.  We are attaching two resources that will help you to interpret your scores.  Students will receive guidance in their Titan Time Advisement groups as well.  Here are a couple of things to remember:

1) This PSAT taken in October was aligned with the "old" SAT that will make it's last appearance in December of 2015.  Current Freshmen and Sophomores (NOT taking Accelerated Math this year) will be taking the new one in January 2016.  Next year's PSAT will look like the "new" SAT.  Juniors will mostly all take the "old" SAT.

2) When interpreting the scores, the most basic thing to do is to estimate a score on the SAT is to add a zero to the end of each of the three sections.  This is not a dead on predictor, but it is useful when trying to understand the scores.

3) If you don't do anything else when interpreting your scores, MAKE SURE to use the Quickstart service that comes with your results.  This is a personalized service for students to log in to their CollegeBoard Quickstart account (personalized code is provided on report).  It will allow your student to learn more about why he or she scored the way he or she did, help them to formulate a study plan on the areas that could use improvement and to use these results to begin to point toward college options and possibilities based upon their scores.  Remember, the code is noted at the bottom of their score report.