Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seniors Applying to UGA on or before January 15th


If you are applying to UGA this week, you are all asking the same question:
If I send my transcripts to UGA right now through, will my fall grades appear on the transcript that is sent to UGA?

The answer is "yes," IF you will wait until the 16th to send it through  It takes us a while to get all grades fixed in powerschool from first semester and uploaded to  They should be good-to-go by the 16th.

Next question:
I am totally worried about the Teacher Recommendation and the School/Counselor Evaluation not appearing as "complete" in the status check and the 15th is fast approaching!  Am I not going to get in to UGA because I can't get me counselor to sit down and do this?

The answer is relax.  We (teachers and counselors) get several days after the 15th to take care of our parts.  Your deadline to submit your part of the application is the 15th, and that IS something to freak out about.  Your responsibility consists of the application (Parts I and II).  Also, you need to request the SAT or ACT Score to go to the Office of Admission at UGA.  Once those are done and you have taken care of the transcript as described above, all that is left for you to do is periodically check the status page on UGA's website to follow up to make sure that the rest of the application materials made it in.  It can take a little time for the great folks at UGA Office of Admissions to get all of the materials in, so give it to February 1st if the test scores are not showing up to call the Office of Admission.

PS- I just got off the phone with the Admissions Office at UGA, and they have confirmed that this all will be fine.