Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Parent of Rising Freshman, Did you Miss the AP Info. Night Meeting?

We get it, you have a lot of commitments.  We are sorry that you missed the meeting on February 12th.  At this meeting, very specific details about the level of difficulty associated with each of the two AP class options your rising 9th grader will have next year, AP Government and AP Human Geography, were given, with students who are currently taking each of the classes testifying to costs and benefits of taking these classes being expressed.  This information is VITAL for you to listen to and take into consideration before signing the AP commitment form for either of these courses.  We are including a link to the Part 1 and 2 videos from that meeting.  After viewing these videos, please come by NOHS counseling office to sign the AP commitment form.  These forms will attest that you and your student have viewed these videos (if you were not there to see it live) and that you commit to giving 100% of your effort to the class that you will ultimately register for.  Remember that the signing of this form should be viewed as a final decision about taking either one or both AP courses.

AP Information Video Part 1
AP Information Video Part 2