Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Duke University Summer Session

Dear High School Student,

Duke Summer Academy for High School Students has received additional housing for the 2015 summer and that means that we still have room in the program!  We have extended our application deadline to  May 1.

We are offering exciting new courses:

The Global Entrepreneur:  learn problem solving skills and learn about the needs, opportunities and complexities of the global market.
The Global Healer:  learn about his class the most pressing health issues facing the world today and about different cultural perspectives on medicine.
The Global Leader:  learn leadership skills and learn about diplomacy and Model United Nations.

No TOEFL?  No problem!  Duke Summer Academy for High School Students does not require a language score.

Email us at summeracademy@duke.edu with any questions.


Nicki Charles, Ed.D.
Duke University