Monday, May 4, 2015

Not Doing So Hot in One of Your Classes?

Summer School will be offered at North Oconee this summer.  We will offer it in two different formats:

  1. Course Extension- Students who failed a class THIS SEMESTER with a 60 or better (65 or better in math) are eligible to do Course Extension.  It is cheaper, faster and will allow a student to be able to REPLACE the failing grade from this semester with a 70, passing grade. The failing grade disappears.  The cost is $75 (or less, depending upon Free/Reduced Lunch Status) and it takes about 2 weeks at 4 hours a day to complete. Spaces are limited.
  2. Course Recovery- Students who failed a class this semester with a grade below a 60 OR have failed a class in the past semesters before this one are eligible to take a Course Recovery.  This option will not replace the failing grade on the transcript, but the student may earn more than a 70 in this summer program which will be added to the student's transcript.  The cost is $300 (or less, depending upon the Free/Reduced Lunch Status).
If you are a student-athlete, this program can be a good option for eligibility to be able to play for North Oconee, but it is very important to realize that these classes earned in this program are not eligible to be used for the NCAA.  If you would like more information about summer school, please email Michael Youngblood (  Classes will start on May 26th and the following courses will be offered:

·         Coordinate Algebra
·         Analytic Geometry
·         Advanced Algebra

·         Chemistry
·         US History
·         American Government
·         Physical Science
·         Biology
·         9th Lit
·         American lit
·         English Lit
·         World History
·         10 Lit.